Assisting you with your speech and language concerns

Speech, language, and communication are essential to understand and respond to other individuals. But when the patient suffered from a stroke, disease, illness, or accident, they may need to seek skilled clinical services to address their needs. And if left untreated or unalleviated, this may affect their overall life.

Speech and language impairments often hinder one from communicating effectively with others. And these may not only disrupt their health but also expose them to a risk of pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses. Our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) here at Jubilee Care @ Home Health Care Services will assess and evaluate your loved one’s condition, and create the best treatment plan fitting to their needs.

Our speech therapy includes:

  • Dysphasia Treatments
  • Speech Intelligibility
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Voice Disorder Treatments
  • Vocal Quality and Intensity
  • Rhythm and Prosody
  • Oral Peripheral Mechanism
  • Non-Oral Communication
  • Language Disorder Treatment
  • And More

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smiling female caregiver with sthetoscope with her old woman patient